Google plans Chrome OS event for tomorrow

On Friday, the folks at TechCrunch quoted a "reliable source" as saying Google's Chrome OS would become available within a week. That may well turn out to be true. The same site now says it has been notified that Google will hold a "special Chrome OS event" at its Mountain View, California headquarters tomorrow morning.

The event will involve a speech by two Google executives and a question-and-answer session. Reportedly, the executives will show some demos and provide a "complete overview" of the upcoming operating system, including nitty-gritty technical details.

As we noted last week when commenting on TechCrunch's first story, Google has always intended to make the Chrome OS source code available this year before properly launching the operating system in the second half of 2010. Perhaps we'll see some source code—and, who knows, maybe a bootable beta version of the OS—appear alongside tomorrow's event.

Once again, Chrome OS is a lightweight, Linux-based operating system aimed at netbooks. Chrome OS applications will run inside the web browser, and they should be cross-compatible with standards-compliant browsers on other platforms.

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