Report: RAM might get cheaper next month

Memory prices have sure swelled up over the past couple of months. In September, 4GB DDR2-800 kits were selling for as little as 40 bucks, but today, the cheapest ones go for almost $90. No wonder memory vendors are finally hopeful about recovery in this long-troubled market.

Consumers may get a chance to snag cheap(er) memory once again next month, though. The folks at DigiTimes have word from "some DRAM module makers in Taiwan" that prices may shift to "reflect seasonal demand" in December.

Korean memory chip manufacturers could play a part in the price drop, too. DigiTimes says its sources expect Korean firms who've weathered the crisis better than their Taiwanese counterparts "are likely to take advantage of their cost competitiveness and slash prices to boost shipments." The same Korean companies previously intended to drive prices up to prevent the Taiwanese government from aiding local memory makers, DigiTimes adds.

In the meantime, folks shopping for system RAM will be better off grabbing some DDR3, which has actually become more affordable than DDR2-800. (Newegg currently offers 4GB DDR3-1066 kits for as little as $82.99 shipped.) Good thing DDR3-compatible Socket AM3 and LGA1156 motherboards are cheap.

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