Nvidia photo shows running Fermi-based GeForce

In case you missed the big news, Nvidia announced its first Fermi-based Tesla GPUs for high-performance computing apps yesterday. So as not to disappoint GeForce fans longing for some DirectX 11 goodness, the company has now posted a photo of a Fermi-based GeForce in action on its Facebook profile.

The caption reads, "Fun Photo of the Week: GF100 (the first GeForce GPU based on the Fermi architecture) running the Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark!"

We talked about this benchmark about a month ago, and the image on the screen does correspond to the tessellated dragon in it. Of course, tinfoil-hat wearers will note that no clear connection between the graphics card and the display can be seen, so for all we know, the benchmark could be running on a Radeon-based system off-screen.

A look at the GF100 card itself shows a circuit board almost as long as its companion motherboard, with the usual SLI golden-finger connectors on the left and a pair of PCI Express power connectors (six- and eight-pin) side by side on the right. The cooler's black shroud engulfs the whole contraption, leaving pretty much everything else up to the imagination.

According to Fudzilla, GF100 cards like this one are running version A2 of the new GPU's silicon. The site says Nvidia will only go to market with the A3 revision, which would explain why GF100 cards aren't officially due until the first quarter of next year. Fudzilla says "multiple internal sources" point to a January launch, though.

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