Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising demo hits the web

With the surge of new and exciting games coming out this season, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully, demos aren't an extinct species just yet. As Shacknews reports, Codemasters has just released a demo of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, its tactical military first-person shooter that came out last month.

Now available at FileShack, the demo weighs in at 1.39GB and lets players run through the first mission from the full game. Both single-player and co-operative multiplayer modes are available, so you can get your friends in on the action, too. Here's how Codemasters describes the teaser mission:

As part of a Special Forces squad inserting behind Chinese PLA lines, players must eliminate a strategically critical radar station and missile sites to allow the USS Iwo Jima, carrying the main USMC battalion, to safely approach the island of Skira. Gamers experience Operation Flashpoint’s uniquely tactical combat, achieving their objectives on their own initiative, deploying realistic weaponry and engaging advanced AI who act and react in real time using authentic tactics.

The demo also includes a "range of difficulty modes," including a Hardcore setting that disables the game's heads-up display and visual aids for a more authentic experience.

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