Fixed TRIM firmware for 34-nm X25-Ms due this month

If you have one of Intel's new 34-nm solid-state drives and are waiting on TRIM firmware that doesn't brick your drive, good news. Alan Frost of Intel's NAND Solutions Group has posted an update on the Intel Support Community forums, promising a fixed firmware update will be out "by the end of November 2009."

In the meantime, Frost advises owners of X25-M G2 solid-state drives to do the following:

  • If you have not upgraded to 02HA but using 02G2 or 02G9 – then use new tool when available to upgrade to new firmware to get Trim support and better sequential write performance (160GB)
  • If you have successfully upgraded to 02HA - then continue using the SSD, there are no known issues.
  • If you have received a SSD with 02HA pre installed – then continue using the SSD, there are no known issues.
  • If you have unsuccessfully upgraded to 02HA - then contact Intel Customer Support for instructions on how to recover the SSD via secure erase or return SSD to Intel for replacement or refund.

Frost also notes that the corruption problem mainly struck users of Windows 7 x64 who upgraded to the 02HA firmware. Such users complained that, after installing the update, their drives would refuse to boot and possibly become unworkable. The advice quoted above suggests recovery options might be available, though.

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