The "Ginger" challenge

— 4:20 AM on January 16, 2001

Coke or Pepsi? I hate to add more fuel to the speculative fire this early in the game but Wired has an interesting take on what they think about Dean Kamen's amazing thingamajig. Props to TwoFer (poster #26) who was the first to mention the Stirling engine. With growing concerns over the instability of the Middle East and continuing questions about California's ability to provide enough power to homes, will the incoming presidential administration determine that the current zeitgeist as such necessitates a renewed energy policy debate?

If you want something that is more grounded in the here and now, Real World Technologies has posted its January 2001 industry update. DDR motherboards get the lion's share of coverage this month but there are some choice bits about AMD's Palomino & Morgan. Always an informative read, their update begins here.

Update: The Register gets a taste of Ginger and provides a link to a patent and drawing (thanks gill).

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