Upcoming microATX MSI H57 motherboard pictured

Intel will aim its upcoming dual-core, 32-nm Clarkdale processors at the mid-range and mainstream markets, but that doesn't mean matching motherboards have to be dull and boring. We already caught a gander at an enthusiast-oriented H57 motherboard from Asus earlier his week, and now, the guys at TechSweden have nabbed some photos of a similarly tricked-out microATX board from MSI.

This latest specimen is an MSI H57M-PD65, if the label on the circuit board is any indication. It will have an LGA1156 socket, of course, alongside two physical PCI Express x16 slots, external Serial ATA, FireWire, and four display connections all hooked up to the CPU socket (VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort).

We can also see some aluminum heatsinks and a heatpipe around the power-regulation circuitry, so MSI might have left some headroom for overclocking. Early Clarkdale samples look to overclock quite admirably, too. In any case, the low power consumption of 32-nm Clarkdale processors should lend itself quite well to the microATX form factor.

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