Gaming 101?

Though his original proposal was voted down in December, University of California at Irvine assistant professor Robert Nideffer will be submitting it again in the new year according to this article over at Wired. The proposal aimed to create a minor program in computer games and gaming but was shot down by a significant margin. Despite the setback Nideffer still believes there is a need, to quote his proposal:
"Computer games and gaming have been largely ignored by the academic community," the proposal reads. "A more comprehensive and theoretically informed approach to the artistic and technical production, dissemination and consumption of games and gaming needs to be taken if we wish to effectively engage the cultural institutions that inform our individual and collective identities, and engender new processes of communication and creativity."
Not a bad idea if you ask me. Apart from the technical and artistic aspects I'd imagine a psychologist or sociologist could have a field day with gaming culture. Are courses in LAN parties, Everquest, and clan politics in our future? Regardless of the setback in Nideffer's plans they still might be.
Despite the reluctance of some at UC-Irvine, Nideffer has received more than $2 million in industry support. Alias Wavefront, LithTech, and Microsoft have pledged hardware, software and cash support for the program.
My only question is - do they take off marks for being a Llama?
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