Report: 32-nm, desktop Atoms coming in 2011

Intel hasn't even gotten its second-generation Atom processors out the door yet, but the rumor mill is already one step ahead, grinding out information about what's coming next. According to Fudzilla, Intel has a new nettop-bound Atom platform in the works: code-named Cedarview-D, it will include a 32-nm version of the Atom with a tighter-than-ever power envelope.

Cedarview-D will reportedly consume less than 10W between the processor and its accompanying I/O hub. By contrast, Fudzilla says the Pineview-D platform scheduled for next year will draw 12-15W. The site notes in a separate story that both platforms will employ the same Tiger Point I/O hub, so most of the 2011 platform's power savings will presumably come from the processor itself.

Fudzilla goes on to note that reduced power consumption will loosen cooling requirements, which should in turn reduce production costs. With any luck, we'll be seeing even cheaper nettops on the market. If the same goes for the mobile version of Cedarview-D, 2011 could also bring cheaper, lighter, and more mobile netbooks.

Of course, next year's Pineview processors will already improve things over the current generation. Pineview will house the processor, graphics core, and memory controller on the same 45-nm die, cutting the north bridge out of the equation and keeping power draw in check by housing power-hungry elements on the most power-efficient silicon.

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