Clarkdale processors listed, pictured

How about that. A European online retailer has broken the embargo on Intel's upcoming Clarkdale processors and listed six of them on its website. Shocking, isn't it? HPM-Computer looks to have pulled down the listings already, but not before the guys at Expreview were able to nab screenshots with all of the dirty details.

Listed processors included the 2.93GHz Core i3-530, 3.06GHz Core i3-540, 3.2GHz Core i5-650, 3.33GHz Core i5-660 and i5-661, and the 3.46GHz Core i5-670. The model names and listed specifications seem to match those leaked by HKEPC in August. According to those specs, Clarkdale-based Core i5 processors will have two cores and four threads, while the i3 models will have only two cores and two threads.

What about pricing? HPM-Computer charges €170 for the Core i5-750, compared to $199.99 for Newegg, so you can probably get a decent idea of U.S. pricing by multiplying the German prices by about 1.176.

That little formula gives us prices of $122 and $142 for the two Core i3s, $189 for the i5-650, $207 for both the i5-660 and i5-661, and $298 for the i5-670—again, pretty much in line with what HKEPC reported. Keep in mind, though, that these prices might be marked up a tad to account for the chips' current unavailability (because, you know, Intel hasn't even announced them yet).

Incidentally, while we're on the subject of Clarkdale, we see TweakTown has posted a photo of a Clarkdale processor with its heatspreader off. The image reveals the teeny, 32-nm processor die and the comparatively larger slab of silicon that houses the integrated graphics core and memory controller, both sitting side by side on the same LGA1156 package.

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