OCZ readies external USB 3.0 solid-state drives

On the heels of Gigabyte's three new USB 3.0 motherboards, OCZ has announced a partnership with Symwave that will soon yield some speedy external USB 3.0 solid-state drives. Actually, OCZ and Symwave expect to produce "the industry's highest performance external Solid State Drive (SSD) storage product."

The two partners haven't announced any actual products yet, though; they've merely stated their intention to deliver "next generation USB 3.0 solutions" at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will take place in Las Vegas in early January 2010. We'll be at the show, so we should have fresh details by then.

OCZ doesn't quote any hard performance numbers, either. The press release does say, "Thanks to Symwave's industry leading USB 3.0 storage controller, our external SSD device delivers 10x the transfer rate of USB 2.0 at 5Gb/s," but that figure merely refers to the USB 3.0 interface's maximum signaling rate.

Still, theoretically speaking, the USB 3.0 interface probably won't act as a bottleneck to even a speedy external SSD. OCZ's fastest 2.5" SSDs can hit sustained read speeds of up to 260MB/s, several times the USB 2.0 maximum but well within the realm of USB 3.0.

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