Google testing out new search interface

As neat as that Chrome OS UI concept video looks, Google isn't exactly known for the pizazz of its user interfaces. Just look at the current search design, whose barebones simplicity almost screams for a little extra touch of color somewhere.

Well, a search interface revamp now looks to be on its way. Gizmodo says one of its readers has sent it a screenshot of an experimental interface being tested on right now. The shots match those from an earlier story by Search Engine Land, which got the skinny about a new search design from Google Search Product and User Experience VP Marissa Mayer.

The new look adds some saturation to the Google logo, melds the search box with the "Search" button on results pages, and gives buttons a cheerful, bright blue color. Speaking of results, Google will also clean up the interface on those pages, introducing an always-on left column with different search modes: "Everything," "Images," "Video," "News," "Maps," etc. Highlighted modes will have the same blue color as the search button, clearly tying the two graphically. The left column will also include a "See also" section with search suggestions and a time filter.

According to Search Engine Land, a "small number of Google users" should have started seeing the new design on November 19. A broad deployment may follow "after the New Year."

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