Visiontek gets [H]ard

Wondering what the real world differences between the Geforce2 MX, GTS, Pro, and Ultra cards are? Wondering who this Visiontek company is that everyone seems to be reviewing video cards from? You're in luck, the boys over at the [H]ardOCP have taken a look at Visiontek's offerings for each of the Geforce2 variations. Pictures, benchmarks, company background for Visiontek - what more could you ask for?
Now, I know by now that each and every one of you can recite the features of a GeForce powered card from memory, and the last thing you're interested in reading is the same old drivel you've seen a million times before. Trust me when I say I feel the same way. That's why I'm not going to try and drill holes into your cranium and pump your brain full of garbage you already know. So that means no stat lists, and no NVIDIA propaganda. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief and continue to read without fear.
The crippled MX gets spanked around pretty handily in the benchmarks but makes up for it with its price. Which card ends up being the most worthwhile for you will depend on how much those extra frames per second are to you. Visiontek looks pretty good too.
Now about Visiontek. Regardless of your system or the type of video card you're after, you cannot buy a better video card then the video cards Visiontek is putting out. I've lived and played with all four of these cards now for about two weeks, and I've used them all in several different systems. I've benched them at their default speeds as well as overclocked speeds, and I've never had one iota of anything resembling a problem. Add to that the fact that their overclockability is more than impressive and that Visiontek has the best tech support in the biz, and it's easy to see where I get off making such a bold claim.
Here are some quotes from PriceWatch if you want to make some value judgements on your own.
MX: $94
GTS: $165
Pro: $278 (guess, 64MB version, no "Pro" versions listed)
Ultra: $415
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