ASRock shows three Clarkdale motherboards

Motherboard makers aren't afraid to strut their stuff ahead of the Clarkdale processor launch. After Asus and MSI, ASRock has now hopped on the bandwagon by releasing images of three upcoming motherboards designed to accommodate 32-nm Clarkdale CPUs.

Judging by the file names and the writing on their circuit boards, the three mobos in question will be branded H55DE3, H55M Pro, and H55M, the latter two being microATX specimens. ASRock based all three on the same chipset, and although the company asked us not to mention that chipset by name, anyone familiar with motherboard naming conventions should be able to figure it out.

The H55M Pro carries a VGA, DVI, and HDMI display output trifecta, and its two brethren look to have at least VGA connections, if not the same display port loadout. Those connectors hook up directly to the processor socket. (In case you missed the memo, Clarkdale processors will have two dies on the same package: one with dual CPU cores and another with a memory controller and an integrated graphics core.)

If the relatively spartan feature sets are any indication—the H55M has only four Serial ATA ports and two DDR3 DIMM slots—you'll likely find these puppies sitting south of the $100 mark on the price ladder. ASRock has nevertheless seen fit to include two physical PCI Express x16 slots on all three designs. Also, if you look close enough, you'll see both microATX models have two sets of heatsink mounting holes, just like ASRock's P55 Deluxe board that takes both LGA775 and LGA1156 heatsinks.

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