Deal of the week: Two terabytes for $140

The Black Friday fervor may have passed, but "Cyber Monday" is now in full swing at online retailers, and it signals some equally juicy bargains. A great example is Western Digital's 2TB Caviar Green, which Newegg now sells at a heavy discount for $139.99 with free shipping.

This hard drive sold for $200 last week, but at today's price, you're getting each gigabyte for around seven cents—better value than even the $85 1TB Caviar Green. You'll want to check our full review for all the details, of course, but the 2TB Caviar Green is an ideal secondary storage drive thanks to its solid performance, low noise levels, and frugal power consumption.

Heck, at this price, you can pair two of 'em in a RAID configuration and still wind up paying less than what it costs to get the faster 2TB Caviar Black, which is over $300 according to our price search engine. Seagate's new 2TB Barracuda XT is priced similarly: $300 on Newegg.

Incidentally, if you're looking for a cheap upgrade to face the new wave of PC games coming out this season, then the Zotac GeForce 9800 GT 512MB that's currently on sale for $79.99 shipped should complement a budget build quite well. You can check out more Cyber Monday deals over on this page.

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