Fixed TRIM firmware for 34-nm Intel SSDs goes live

At long last, you can now patch TRIM support into second-generation Intel X25-M and X18-M solid-state drives without risking data corruption. Intel has put new 2CV102HD firmware for the drives up on its download site.

The update description in the release notes reads, "This firmware revision has several continuous improvement optimizations intended to provide the best possible user experience with the Intel SSD." Specifically, the update should get rid of that pesky bricking problem that caused Intel to pull the original TRIM firmware in late October.

As we previously noted, the October firmware (revision 2CV102HA) was supposed to improve performance by taking advantage of Windows 7's TRIM functionality. TRIM clears flash pages instead of marking them as available when users delete data, thereby circumventing the dreaded block-rewrite penalty.

Intel's second-gen, 34-nm X25-M SSDs did very well in our tests with the pre-TRIM firmware, but their short history has been troubled. Before this latest issue cropped up, Intel had to halt shipments because of another data corruption problem, that time tied to BIOS password settings.

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