Wednesday Shortbread


  1. Newegg's 24-hour sale
  2. Comcast releasing promised usage meter
  3. C|Net reports Comcast poised to get NBC Universal
  4. Latest consumer reports survey not kind to AT&T
  5. FTC slams spam gang with $15 million fine
  6. DailyTech: After laptops experience overheating,
    performance issues
    , Dell censors user comments
  7. DigiTimes reports Acer to launch Chrome OS netbook in 2H10
    and Intel notebook platforms for 2010 to not push WLAN chips
  8. Fudzilla reports Asus to launch Karim Rashid designer netbook
  9. Do you want to buy Intel's 32nm 6-core CPU for 2010... today?
  10. Fudzilla reports three Arrandale 32nm arrive January 3rd
    and Intel's x57 chipset generation priced up
  11. Engadget reports next-generation SD specification comes to light, 300MBps just around
    the corner and Zii Trinity mobile platform packs 1080p punch, looking for OEM love
    and Universal's BD-59 Blu-ray / DVD flip discs to debut on Bourne trilogy releases
  12. Sapphire's Bill Donnelly and Razer's Robert Krakoff talk to DriverHeaven
  13. The Hobbit (movie) filming delayed until next summer
  14. 2009 OCC Christmas contest
  15. Hi Tech Legion's holiday giveaway - week 5

  1. Microsoft: 'Black screen of death" claim is bogus
  2. Ars Technica reports Microsoft to switch internal focus to Windows 8 in July 2010
  3. The other Patch Tuesday is the fourth
  4. Ars Technica on how one man designed the Windows 7 boot animation
  5. One of Google Chrome OS's hardest tasks? Printing
  6. SuperSite for Windows: Platforms matter
  7. Ars Technica reports VirtualBox 3.1 adds live migration and branched snapshots
  8. Office Web Apps access comes to Windows Mobile,
    iPhone, BlackBerry & more (with some caveats)
  9. PreCentral reports webOS 1.3.2 released for Pixi, Pre standing by
  10. Google Gears is dead; long live HTML 5.0
  11. PowerPivot for Excel November CTP 32-bit and 64-bit
  12. Risk and health assessment program for Windows Desktop (WDRAP) - Scoping Tool v1.0

  1. VR-Zone has an update on the AMD - Nvidia PhysX controversy
  2. UC Irvine takes video games to the next level
  3. Fudzilla reports console sales numbers are in
  4. Ars Technica reports EA restructures Battlefield: Heroes pricing; fans enraged
  5. Shacknews reports Empire: Total War multiplayer beta opens next Monday
    alongside more downloadable content and Serious Sam HD delayed on Xbox 360
    and Assassin's Creed II DLC packs announced
  6. Joystiq reporst DICE lighting artist lists Mirror's Edge 2 on portfolio
  7. DiRT2 offers exhilarating DirectX 11 gaming experience - only on Radeon graphics cards
  8. bit-tech's DirectX 11 performance first look: DiRT2
  9. PCGH has DiRT2 DX11 - Maxed out screenshots
  10. TweakTown's DiRT2 DirectX 11 Radeon HD 5000 series comparison
  11. Ten Ton Hammer on Dragon Age: Origins - Creating your own adventures
  12. on Blur
  13. DriverHeaven's game of the year 2009 awards
  14. NFS Shift patch 1.02 and DLC
  15. Diablo II patch 1.13 status- updated 11/18
  16. Avatar: The Game now on sale at Impulse and Steam
  17. Left 4 Dead 2 update released on Steam
  18. Steam's midweek madness: Zeno Clash 66% off
Systems and storage

  1. I4U on Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 3D notebook
  2. HardwareZone reviews Samsung X420 notebook
  3. Guru3D reviews MSI P55 GD80 Big Bang Trinergy
  4. reviews Gigabyte P55A-UD6
  5. TweakPC pits ASRock M3A785GXH/128M vs ECS A785GM-M (in German)
  6. TweakTown reviews 4GB G.Skill Ripjaws PC3-16000 dual channel kit
  7.'s 40GB Kingston SSDNow boot drive video review
  8. Techgage reviews 16GB Kingston DataTraveler Locker+
  9. Tweaknews reviews Thecus N0503 Combo NAS

  1. Digital Trends reviews Olympus E-600 digital camera and BlackBerry Bold 9700
  2. TWL reviews Creative SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional
  3. XSReviews on Speedlink Gravity Blaster 2.1 speaker set
  4. Rbmods on Roccat Kova mouse
  5. Neoseeker reviews Razer DeathAdder (revision 2) gaming mouse
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. eXtreme power supply calculator update
  2. [H]ard|OCP reviews 950W Corsair TX950W PSU
  3. PC Perspective reviews 750W Seasonic X Series PSU
  4. Hardware Secrets reviews 650W Amacrox Free Style PSU
  5. LanOC Reviews on FSP NB S90 universal notebook adapter
  6. BmR and Overclockers Online review NZXT Lexa S case
  7. Legit Reviews on Thermaltake Element T case
  8. TWL on Lan Gear Da Box 100 mATX case
  9. techPowerUp! reviews Spire Slide Pro enclosure
  10. TweakTown reviews SimpleTech by Hitachi SimpleTough external enclosure
  11. PureOC reviews Xigmatek Balder SD1283 CPU cooler
  12. PCShopTalk reviews Blacknoise NB-Twintec CPU cooler
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