Acer aims to launch first Chrome OS netbook next year

We’ve known since the beginning that Google aims to release Chrome OS for public consumption in the latter part of next year. What we didn’t know is that, according to DigiTimes, Acer aims to be the first netbook vendor to have a Chrome OS-based system out the door in 2010.

DigiTimes received word from "industry sources" that such a netbook has been brewing in Acer’s labs since the middle of this year. Also, the site says Acer Chairman JT Wang "expressed his confidence that the company will be the first vendor to launch Chrome-based netbook in the market."

Acer was the first out with a netbook capable of dual-booting Google’s Android mobile platform and Windows XP, too: the Aspire One D250, which popped up on Amazon about a month and a half ago. DigiTimes mentions that sales of the system haven’t been "as strong as expected," although that has reportedly done little to dampen Acer’s interest in exotic operating systems.

Google released early (albeit functional) Chrome OS source code under the Chromium OS project on November 19. The company said the public launch will take place a year from then, suggesting we might see Acer’s Chrome OS netbook fairly late in 2010.

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    • StashTheVampede
    • 13 years ago

    I’m hoping for ARM — but only if the Flash plugin works fine.

    • stmok
    • 13 years ago

    Agreed…Maybe Cortex-A9 MPCore based one. 🙂

    • zima
    • 13 years ago

    Indeed, Atom netbook with ChromeOS wouldn’t have, IMHO, much appeal when there are almost identical and not much more expensive ones next to it with OS to which people are used to.

    ARM otoh…yes please; give me whole day of operation on small battery (Pixel Qi will help with that too) and no moving parts inside.

    • etymxris
    • 13 years ago

    ARM or Atom? If it’s ARM I’ll probably get one, though I’m not sure I’ll keep ChromeOS on it. If it’s Atom though, meh.

    • OneArmedScissor
    • 13 years ago


    Point being, if they showed it off at all, which could be as simple as having it on display, it would sell like like hot cakes.

    Every time I go into Best Buy, there’s a handful of 9″ netbooks on display, basically one of each brand. And of course, those are the ones that sell. It’s not rocket science. The problem is that they’re all pushing the same thing, when every company has their own variations which set them apart.

    • dpaus
    • 13 years ago

    Didn’t you just defeat your own argument? They’re not going to pay any attention to advertising, they’re just going to but what’s on the shelf. Thus the companies would be well-advised to not waste any money on advertising, and simply put all available funds and effort into simply getting it onto retailers’ shelves.

    • OneArmedScissor
    • 13 years ago


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