New Micron SSD has 34-nm flash, 6Gbps interface

The new 6Gbps Serial ATA standard might not do all that much for mechanical hard drives, but its potential in solid-state drives is starting to look promising. Micron has announced the RealSSD C300, a new family of solid-state drives that couples state-of-the-art 34-nm NAND flash memory with 6Gbps Serial ATA interfaces.

Micron says the drives can reach top transfer speeds of 355MB/s during reads and 215MB/s while writing. That's partly outside the scope of the previous Serial ATA revision, which allows top speeds of only up to 300MB/s. (The new spec doubles that.)

According to the folks at DailyTech, Micron is making the drives out of NAND flash produced by IM Flash Technologies, its joint venture with Intel. The site also got word from Micron that the RealSSD C300 features "a new proprietary controller and firmware that was designed in partnership with [Marvell]" as well as 256MB of DDR3 cache memory, however, so this isn't quite a re-badged Intel X25-M with a faster interface.

Micron is currently sampling the C300 in "limited quantities," and it expects mass production to kick off in the first quarter of next year. When they come out, you'll be able to buy RealSSD C300 drives with 128GB or 256GB capacities and in 1.8" or 2.5" form factors.

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