Thermaltake Level 10 case arrives at Newegg, costs $850

If you thought Corsair's $300 Obsidian Series 800D case was expensive, wait until you get a load of this. Thermaltake's new sci-fi-looking Level 10 case has gone up for sale on Newegg, and the e-tailer charges a staggering $849.99 before shipping.

We got a first-hand look at this case at Computex in June, and back then, Thermaltake told us it would debut in October at $699. So much for that. Admittedly, though, the enclosure has a uniquely stylish compartmentalized design, which is the fruit of a collaboration between Thermaltake and BMW (yes, the auto maker).

BMW's contributions might explain why the case looks like the cover of a sports car engine. But don't be fooled: this thing will happily accommodate an ATX or microATX motherboard, three 5.25" optical drives, six 3.5" hard drives, and an ATX power supply, with each component residing in its own aluminum compartment. The enclosure also ships with one 140-mm fan at the front, one 120-mm fan at the back, and two 60-mm fans designed to cool the hard drives. (Both 60-mm fans are rated for 19 dB, though, so they probably won't conjure up memories of old-school CPU coolers.)

If you spring for one of these puppies, be sure to get a sturdy desk and limber up before setting everything up: the Level 10 measures a massive 24.2" x 12.5" x 26.2" and weighs in at 47.11 lbs. At least you'll have time to nurse your injured back when all your friends are drooling over your new PC.

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