St. Nicholas Day Shortbread

St. Nicholas Day

  1. Anand Shimpi: What's next for Nvidia?
  2. TUAW reports Apple takes top spot in October desktop and laptop retail sales
  3. AppleInsider reports Apple adds 3.33GHz quad-core Mac Prok, 2TB hard drive upgrades
  4. SlashGear reports Direct Insight Triton-TX51 squeezes
    Cortex A8 computer onto an SODIMM module
  5. TechCrunch reports CrunchPad litigation imminent
  6. SF Business Times reports CrunchPad partner plans media event
  7. Engadget reports WD TV Live boxes left bricked by firmware update
    and Zii Trinity's HD playback gets a quick and promising look
  8. Engadget HD reports SSD drives don't help dedicated Windows Media Center PCs much
  9. Engadget reports Nook early adopters promised a
    December 9th shipment, $10 online gift certificate
  10. WSJ reports Dell reorganizes, creating new mobile device division
  11. In new ad, AT&T, Luke Wilson say Verizon is slow
  12. Researchers demonstrate a better way for computers to 'see' (w/ video)
  13. Engadget HD podcast 165

  1. TechCrunch reports Google officially launching Chrome Extensions this week
  2. Google offers Translated Search and a translating dictionary
  3. Google: How fast is your site? (free site performance tool)
  4. Download Squad reports millions of new Avast users will be offered Google Chrome

  1. Nintendo DS flash carts deemed legal by French court
  2. IGN on Mass Effect 2: The Engineer
  3. CVG reports Assassin's Creed II glitch breaks game
  4. Gaming Heaven on The Saboteur AMD PC driver issues
  5. DiRT 2 PC U.S. shipping date
  6. Gaming Heaven's DiRT 2 AMD DX11 performance analysis
    and Avatar: The Game review (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  7. [OC]ModShop reviews Dragon Age: Origins
  8. Odd Diablo facts: The Diablo II list
  9. GameSpy on the history of annoying side-quests in video games
  10. GamesRadar has 10 of the most extreme game controllers ever
  11. Robot bartender pours your drink based on your Tetris skill
  12. GoGamer's 48-hour madness

  1. Hands-on with Acer's 3D laptop
  2. Engadget reviews Nokia Booklet 3G
  3. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - Boot up floppy seek
  4. PCShopTalk reviews ASRock X58 Extreme
  5. [OC]ModShop reviews 500GB Verbatim InSight USB hard drive
  6.'s Nvidia GTX 295 vs, AMD Radeon HD 5970 head-to-head
  7. TestFreaks review Thrustmaster T-Fitness Pro Pack NW for Nintendo Wii
  8. Hardware Secrets reviews Thermaltake Vi-On HDD enclosure
  9. Legit Reviews on ColcaSac Macbook Pro notebook case sleeve
  10. [OC]ModShop reviews Coolink LapChilla notebook cooler
  11. DragonSteelMods review Noctua NF-P14 FLX 140mm fans
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