Radeon HD 5770 graphics cards get a new cooler

If you've been shopping around for a graphics card lately, you might have noticed new versions of AMD's latest sub-$200 flagship creeping into e-tail listings. This is no isolated phenomenon. As Fudzilla reports, AMD has replaced the Radeon HD 5770's stock cooler with a new model entirely devoid of Batmobile flair.

A quick Newegg search shows the new cooler present on Asus, HIS, PowerColor, Sapphire, and XFX cards, while only three models remain with the blower-style cooler you saw in our review.

At first glance, the new cooler looks just like the one on the Radeon HD 5750. However, the folks at Expreview have taken a closer look at it, and it looks like a different, more powerful design. There's a copper base, heat pipes, and a flower-style fin design reminiscent of Zalman's aftermarket heatsinks, whereas the plain 5750 cooler looks much less elaborate and has thicker fins.

Expreview's article also includes benchmark numbers. The new cooler apparently keeps GPU temperatures lower than its predecessor, although unsurprisingly, the fact that the new cooler doesn't exhaust hot air directly outside the case has a negative impact on case temperatures. Sadly, Expreview doesn't include noise measurements—merely an observation that the new fan "has an annoying sound output at full speed." The same goes for the hamster-wheel-style fan on the original blower, however.

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