AMD's conference call today

— 4:22 AM on January 17, 2001

Just a quick reminder that AMD's live conference call begins at 2:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time today. They will be announcing financial results for Q4 among other things. Although Intel has reported better than expected Q4 earnings, look for them to continue to struggle this quarter. To whet your appetite, take a close look at this C|Net story on mobile Durons.

While it is the first mobile Athlon derivative, the new Duron will not be the last. AMD is preparing a pair of new chips based on Mustang, its more mobile-friendly core. The first chip, code-named Palomino, will be sold as a mobile Athlon. It is expected to be introduced later this quarter in a range of speeds around 900MHz.
Hmm, this story will lead you to believe that the first processors based on the Palomino core will be mobile and released in Q1. Doesn't Intel do this sort of stuff? Stay tuned, folks.

Real World Technologies posts part III of their "Alpha EV8: simultaneous multi-threat" series and Dean Kent speculates about a possible consolidation in the motherboard market on their front page. In the same vein, is the PC industry at a crossroads?

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