Seagate expects 7,200-RPM laptop drives to get more popular

Rather than seeing a mass shift to solid-state drives, Seagate expects 7,200-RPM mobile hard drives to grab the lion's share of the notebook market over the next couple of years. DailyTech has gotten the skinny from the company, including a pair of telltale graphs labeled "Seagate Market Research."

According to the hard drive maker, 5,400-RPM mobile drives accounted for over 80% of the market this year, with the rest split between solid-state drives and 4,200- and 7,200-RPM mechanical models. Seagate believes the faster mechanical drives will seize over 30% of the market next year, 50% the year after, and close to 60% by the year 2012.

Interestingly, Seagate also predicts that SSDs will still make up less than one tenth of the market even three years from now. The firm doesn't foresee a significant growth in market share between 2011 and 2012, either, even though flash memory will no doubt be faster and denser by then.

In October 2008, Seagate boldly announced plans to release solid-state drives for the enterprise this year. We haven't heard much on that front since then, though.

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