Seagate preps ultra-thin 2.5'' mobile hard drive

Solid-state drives aren't all Seagate has up its sleeve. According to PC World, the storage firm is also gearing up to launch new mobile hard drives with a thinner-than-ever profile early next month.

The new Momentus Thin mechanical drives will be 7 mm thick, PC World says, about 2.5 mm thinner than typical 2.5" mobile hard drives. (Some high-capacity mobile hard drives can range up to 12.5-mm in thickness.) The report quotes Seagate CTO Robert Whitmore as saying, "This new slimline product allows our OEM customers to continue to reduce the thickness and weight of their notebook platforms."

Indeed, thanks to the 7-mm drive, PC makers looking to build ultra-thin laptops may be able to skip costlier and slower 1.8" hard drives. Apple uses a 1.8" 120GB drive in the base MacBook Air config, but that drive's 4,200-RPM spindle speed doesn't do much for performance. Folks seeking faster storage have to cough up an extra $300 for the MacBook Air model with a solid-state drive, bringing the total price up to $1,799.

PC World says Seagate will officially unveil its 7-mm Momentus Thin hard drive on January 5, a couple of days ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show.

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