GeForce 300 cards look to be rebadged DX10.1 parts

Nvidia dug up its rebranding stick and went to work again, it seems. As Fudzilla points out, HP's Thai website has begun offering a GeForce 315 graphics card in its business-oriented HP Pro 2000 Microtower PC. Fudzilla says the card is based on the same GT216 core as previous 40-nm DirectX 10.1 products, and in fact, the newcomer has the same specs as the GeForce GT 220.

The site goes on to say the GeForce 315 has twice the memory of its sibling, but HP mentions 1GB of RAM, and so does the GeForce GT 220's spec sheet on Nvidia's website. No difference there, as far as we can tell.

This isn't a fluke. Nvidia's website also lists a GeForce 310, which, coincidentally, has the exact same specs as the GeForce 210: DirectX 10.1 support, 16 stream processors, a 589MHz core clock speed, 1402MHz shaders, 512MB of 500MHz DDR2 memory, a 64-bit memory interface, and a 30.5W power envelope. The cards look strikingly similar, as well:

Right: GeForce 210. Left: GeForce 310. Or is it the other way around? Source: Nvidia.

If anything, this branding change suggests that Nvidia may release its next-generation GF100 graphics processor as a GeForce 300-series product—perhaps "GeForce GTX 360." Putting low-end products under the same umbrella could make them more appealing to consumers, although as with previous rebranding moves, confusion is just as likely.

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