ComputerNerd’s huge new Athlon coolers arrive

Would-be Athlon overclockers, take note. The Nerd’s got something special in store for you in the form of two new Athlon coolers designed especially for the Asus K7M:

PLANTATION, FLA. Dec. 5, 1999. Well-known for its innovative CPU coolers, such as the gigantic 4-fan Wopper Celery Sandwich for the 300A Celeron®, ComputerNerd USA has gone to extremes once again, this time with two new coolers for the AMD Athlon® processor.

The driving incentive behind these designs has been the need for better CPU cooling on the Asus K7M Slot A motherboard. With this board, Asus has stolen a march on ABIT’s long leadership in motherboards designed for overclockers. Both ABIT and AOPEN will soon have Athlon® boards with overclocking capabilities on the market, but for now the K7M is the only game in town for people that want to tweak the utmost performance from their Athlon®, which has all the earmarks of a great overclocker’s chip.

I have a prototype version of one of these pups in Damage Labs for testing, and it’s cooling an Athlon 500 clocked at 750MHz running stability tests as I type. Amazing.

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