3.6GHz Phenom II X4 975 may come next year

Intel may have grabbed the performance and power-efficiency crowns with its new Core i5 and i7-800 processors, but according to Fudzilla, that won't stop AMD from launching a faster Phenom II X4 next year.

Dubbed the Phenom II X4 975, the chip will reportedly come out some time in the first half of 2010 and deliver a 200MHz speed boost over the current flagship. That would take AMD up to 3.6GHz, although since the company only recently brought its 3.4GHz Phenom II X4 965 into a 125W thermal envelope, we wouldn't expect any miracles on the power and thermals fronts.

As Fudzilla points out, you can probably expect a 140W TDP—just like that of the original X4 965—although the site says AMD could get the Phenom II X4 975 down to 125W with a new stepping of the Deneb silicon. Pricing may end up about where the X4 965 is right now (roughly $200), which could push down the prices of the handful of quad-core Phenom IIs left in AMD's price list.

Of course, AMD's desktop roadmap for next year also includes some six-core processors, which might be more competitive with high-end Core i7s. These six-core Phenoms should even work in existing Socket AM3 and AM2+ motherboards. (Thanks to TR reader Dale for the heads up.)

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