Core i3-530 processor listed in Canada

You might recall listings for upcoming Clarkdale processors showing up in Europe late last month. Well, the pre-launch listing bug has now bitten North America, too. Canadian e-tailer A-Power currently lists an unannounced Core i3-530 processor, complete with specifications and a box shot.

The processor has two cores clocked at 2.93GHz, 256KB of L2 cache per core, 4MB of L3 cache per chip, a 73W power envelope, and an LGA1156 package. If 73W sounds high to you for a 32-nm dual-core processor, keep in mind this CPU's package also contains a 45-nm die with the memory controller and an integrated graphics processor.

The Canadian price of $152.19 CAD works out to around $144 USD, although judging by how much the same e-tailer charges for the Core i5-750, we can probably expect the Core i3-530 to cost more like $135 south of the border—a little more than last month's European listings suggested.

Based on those listings and other reports, it looks like the Clarkdale lineup will also include a faster Core i3-540 and three Core i5-600-series processors, which will have Hyper-Threading enabled. The i3-530 should be the cheapest member of the Clarkdale family, while the priciest should be the 3.46GHz Core i5-670 at around $300. (Thanks to PC World for the tip.)

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