Tip of the day: If you use NTFS compression on the cache files in your Steam\steamapps directory, you can save a lot of space.  The size of mine currently is 13.9GB, but the space used on disk is 9.65GB.  Doesn't look like those files are compressed much at all at the outset.

My extra-credit project for the day: shoehorning Windows 7 onto my Samsung NC20.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that Samsung dropped a whole Win7 driver and application pack for the NC20 on its support site on December 4.  Didn't really expect that kind of new OS support for a WinXP netbook, but I'm pleased to have it.  So far, everything appears to be working properly, even the Aero look and the various hotkeys and power-management options made possible by Samsung's custom software, thanks to Windows 7-compatible versions of those programs.  The NC20 is telling me it has 7 hours and 20 minutes of battery time left in Power Saver mode with a 98% charge.  If that's anywhere close to accurate, then I'm looking at a battery life improvement with the OS upgrade.

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