How to test the VP6?

I've got a VP6 and a pair of cB0 700Es in for testing and figure that since SMP can be a little specialized, I should see if any of you have suggestions for what I should throw at this board. Apart from all the standard benchmarks in Win2k (with and without RAID, single and dual processor configurations, stock and overclocked, etc...) what else would you like to see? Unfortunately, I don't have any other dual boards to compare with, but I'm open to suggestions and requests for how I handle the VP6.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm pretty assimilated by the boys at Redmond. I'm looking at doing only Win2k at the moment; I know what tests/benchmarks to run; Win2k is easy. Since I want this review to be as thorough as possible, I think also have a responsibility to see if there's a demand for Linux and Be testing (though I'm guessing there will be significantly less demand for Be than for Linux).

So, if you want to see something special under Win2k, or something to do with either Be or Linux included in the testing either email me or respond in the comments to the following questions.

  1. Benchmarks/testing under Win2k other than the 'standard' suite of tests, what if anything would you like to see?
  2. Linux: What do you want to see? What benchmarks/tests/distro should be used?
  3. Be: Does anyone use Be? Should I bother with this OS at all despite its SMP-friendly nature?
Of course helpful links and rationalizations would be appreciated. I'm open to pretty much anything in the way of suggestions or requests, just try to be reasonable.
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