Future MSI 890FX mobo is (almost) all PCIe x16

Along with its six-core Thuban desktop processors, AMD is also cooking up a new chipset for next year: the RD890, which will coexist with the upcoming SB850 south bridge. We haven't heard much about this product yet, but the folks at the Coolaler forums have posted a string of photos showing what looks like an RD890-based MSI motherboard.

MSI has stamped the motherboard with the model number 890FX-GD70, suggesting that AMD will brand its future chipset 890FX—no surprise, since the 790FX fills in as the chipmaker's current high-end enthusiast chipset. This new board has a somewhat unusual layout: the north bridge sits right below the CPU's power regulation circuitry under one giant heatsink emblazoned with MSI's DrMOS logo.

More unusual still, the 890FX-GD70 has a whopping six PCI Express x16 slots, with a single, lonely 32-bit PCI slot sandwiched between the last two. We doubt every single slot has a full 16 lanes of PCIe connectivity, but since different PCIe widths are all cross-compatible, these slots should be able to accommodate any PCIe card users care to chuck into them.

Otherwise, the mobo looks to have seven internal Serial ATA ports, two USB 3.0 ports, external Serial ATA, FireWire, and some overclocker-friendly features, including an "OC drive" overclocking knob. (Thanks to Expreview for the tip.)

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