Slow news day special: Dorm life

Dissonance and I were shooting the breeze on ICQ while surfing for news just now, and we realized something: there's not a heckuva lot of news out there tonight. But we did have fun swapping stories of dorm life. I was drinking some not-quite-right milk at the time, so I led off with this story...
In college, we had heaters in our dorms, metal units under the windows with panel covers that came off. One afternoon, we picked the lock of a really annoying kid's room. One of the guys went in, removed said panel, sat a carton of milk in there, and replaced the panel. The door was then closed and locked.

A month or more later, there was a pretty big ruckus down the hall, and when the room's occupants finally threw the milk out of the window, it stunk up the whole dorm area for a day or two. Outdoors.

OMG, their room had to have a building funk for weeks before they figured it out. It was RIPE by the time they finally went so far as to pull off that heater panel.

..and Dissonance countered with one about a flying watermelon, complete with cardbord stabilizer fins. Since there's not much else to discuss right now, uhm, maybe you all would like to share your own stories in the comments?
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