NV20 revealed?

Ronald has mentioned this one more than once in the 'bread or at the bottom of another news post, but I wanted to make absolutely sure you all caught this article at Digit-Life that purports to tell all about NVIDIA's next-gen NV20 graphics chip. I can't really speak to its accuracy, but the ixbt/x-bit/Digit-Life "Silicon Curtain" has gained access to confidential NVIDIA documents in the past, and this one sure is detailed. It's also very exciting, with some intriguing analysis of how NVIDIA is (allegedly) reconfiguring is texture units and rendering pipelines, plus info on memory bandwidth conservation techniques in the design, including hidden-surface removal and Z compression. Be warned: if you're not an engineer, this massive article could make your head explode. But it's full of juicy details—and worth the risk.
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