Rumor: Future Pineview Atoms to have DDR3 support

Netbooks and nettops may start shipping with DDR3 memory next spring. The folks at Fudzilla claim that, although the memory controllers in the first Pineview Atom processors will only work with DDR2 RAM, Intel intends to release DDR3-compatible successors in mid-2010.

Reportedly, Intel is cooking up a 1.66GHz Atom N450 processor for January and a 1.83GHz Atom N470 for the following month. However, new "N45x and N47x CPUs" with DDR3 support will debut a quarter or two later—we might even see them at Taiwan's Computex 2010 trade show in early June, Fudzilla notes.

Both new processors should support as many as two DDR3 SO-DIMMs clocked at up to 667MHz, with the option for one module to be soldered onto the motherboard. At that speed, DDR3 probably won't improve performance. The memory standard's lower power consumption could improve battery life by a little bit, though.

Fudzilla writes in a separate story that DDR3-compatible versions of desktop-bound Pineview-D chips will support faster DDR3-800 RAM, but they'll only take DDR3 SO-DIMMs. By contrast, the site adds, single-core Atom D410 and dual-core Atom D510 processors due in January will support desktop-sized DDR2 DIMMs.

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