MSI X-Slim 350 fuses MacBook Air looks, nine-hour battery

Six months ago, we were poking and prodding at MSI's X-Slim X340, one of the very first laptops based on Intel's consumer ultra-low-voltage platform. MSI has now introduced a trendier, faster, and more mobile successor based on a similar formula: the X-Slim X350.

The X350 has a 13.4" 1366x768 display and a selection of components similar to the X340's, but MSI has outfitted it with a low-power Core 2 Duo processor, a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery rated for up to nine hours of run time, and an enclosure with a "glittering, shiny effect created through the use of Color-Film Print (CFP) technology."

Despite the beefy battery, the laptop isn't much thicker or heavier than its predecessor. MSI says the X350 weighs in at 3.3 lbs and is 0.94" thick at its thickest point, whereas the X340 model we tested (which had a four-cell lithium-ion battery) weighed 2.86 lbs and was 0.8" thick. That machine only made it through three hours of our web surfing battery life test, however.

The X-Slim X350 otherwise includes GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics (with HDMI out), up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM, 320GB of 500GB mechanical storage, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and an external Serial ATA/USB combo port. So, not much else new under the hood. MSI's announcement doesn't mention pricing, but since the X340 starts at around $600 on Newegg, you can probably expect the X350 to cost a wee bit more—especially with that "fashionable urban vibe".

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