Ah, I love the smell of fresh WorldBench results in the morning.

Too bad one of my test rigs decided not to run the Photoshop test properly. Ugh. Now to troubleshoot...

On a happier note, I did a quick system build last night for a friend, and I had the pleasure of working with the Antec Three Hundred case. I ordered this case mainly because it was cheap and because we already had a power supply for the system. For 55 bucks, my expectations weren't very high; I was just hoping it would be serviceable. Turns out the Three Hundred is a pretty decent little enclosure with a handsome, matte-black-and-mesh look that's not overstated; upside-down layout (PSU on the bottom) for better thermals; 120mm and 140mm fans with three-speed control switches; and reasonably quiet operation. Sure, it's a little cramped, like a lot of mid-towers, and it doesn't have the nifty sideways-mounted 3.5" internal drive bays of the Sonata. For the price, though, the Three Hundred is awfully good—much better and quieter than re-using an older case, which was an option I considered. We may have to revisit the Econobox enclosure next time out, if there's room in the budget.

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