Firefox 3.6 supports drag-and-drop uploading

Despite all of the dynamic JavaScript and XML goodness that permeates the web these days, uploading photos and documents has remained a chore—unless you happen to love that "Browse..." dialog for some reason, of course. In the next version of Firefox, Mozilla has laid out the framework for a new file upload system that essentially lets users drag and drop files right into their browser windows.

The feature already works in pre-release versions of Firefox 3.6, and Mozilla evangelist Christopher Blizzard has posted a video of it in action:

Reproducing what's shown in the video doesn't sound too hard. Simply install the latest Firefox 3.6 beta and head over to this demo page on the website.

For developers, Mozilla provides a few details and sample code in this blog post. The organization says the feature combines the World Wide Web Consortium's File API draft spec with the HTML5 drag and drop spec. Here's hoping photo upload sites (among others) start taking advantage of the feature once Firefox 3.6 debuts—and other browser makers jump on the bandwagon, too.

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