Microsoft opens Games on Demand PC store

As expected, Microsoft opened up its Games for Windows Live Games on Demand digital distribution service for the PC late yesterday. Shacknews reports that the service simply requires a new version of the Games for Windows Live client. If you've never used Games for Windows Live services before, you'll probably need to create a Gamertag, as well. Instructions to do so are on the download page.

When we first heard about the service, we commented on the apparently lackluster selection of games Microsoft had picked to launch the service. Shacknews' latest story reveals a handful of other major games are part of the launch lineup, though, including DiRT 2, Fallout 3, Kane & Lynch: Dead men, Fuel, and Shadowrun. Previously promised indie titles Osmos and World of Goo are strangely absent from the list, however.

Prices range from $9.99 for Shadowrun and Viva Pinata to $49.99 for Fallout 3, and almost all titles can be bought either via credit card or with Microsoft Points. (Users reportedly can't buy Kane & Lynch directly with a credit card, for some reason.) Those Shadowrun and Viva Pinata prices are actually discounted by 50% until January 4 to lure users in, and Microsoft is also offering puzzle game Tinker for free.

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