AnandTech reviews VIA Apollo Pro 266

To hear the others tell it, there isn't much going on this morning. Although VIA Apollo Pro 266 reviews are not exactly brand new, when AnandTech (E. F. Hutton?) does a review, it is worth taking a long look. They compare the Pentium III / VIA DDR platform to the i815E, AMD 760, ALi MAGiK 1, and VIA KT133 chipsets. As expected, the PIII can't seem to take advantage of the extra memory bandwidth and i815E/EP owners have no compelling reason to upgrade. The VIA Apollo Pro 266 chipset will also support the Athlon so maybe a dual processor version of this chipset can give us the shakes. It is still early in the game but starting next month, DDR motherboards should begin to hit their stride. Still, the sooner the market begins to adopt DDR memory, the better. It is always good to have an alternative (to such things as Rambus).
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