Report: Chrome reaches third place in browser rankings

Google has made considerable headway since releasing the very first Chrome browser beta in September of 2008. According to Net Applications figures quoted by ComputerWorld, Chrome outpaced Safari to become the third-most-popular browser behind Internet Explorer and Firefox earlier this month.

Net Applications says Chrome seized a usage share of 4.4% in the week of December 6, up from 3.93% in November. That was enough to push Google's browser past Safari by a hair's breadth—the Apple browser was only used by 4.37% of web users, ComputerWorld reports.

Net Applications Executive VP Vince Vizzaccaro told the site that Chrome's gains came "fairly equally" from both Safari and Firefox, so Google's rise seems to pose no threat to Microsoft's dominion. At least not yet. ComputerWorld doesn't quote the latest usage share numbers for IE and Firefox, but in November, Net Applications data show the two browsers captured 63.62% and 24.72% usage shares, respectively.

As usual, Net Applications says it gathers usage share numbers from visits to its "exclusive on-demand network of live stats customers," which draws "160 million visitors each month."

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