Intel confirms January 7 launch for Clarkdale, Arrandale

Well, it's official: Intel will launch its first 32-nm processors for desktops and laptops on January 7, the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show. Intel made the schedule official in a teaser announcement last night, saying the unveiling will take place at 7:30 AM in its CES booth in Las Vegas.

As a further teaser, the chipmaker has released high-resolution photos of the upcoming processors. You'll find them in the image gallery below; the Clarkdale shot has a red background, while the other photo depicts Arrandale. Both CPUs are based on the same Westmere design, which includes one 32-nm die with two microprocessor cores (that's the small one) and another 45-nm die with the memory controller and integrated graphics processor. Clarkdale should end up in those new H55 and H57 motherboards we've been seeing, while Arrandale will take its position in the mobile world.

Intel let slip some details about the naming scheme and product segmentation in a CES preview presentation (PDF), as well. The slides say Core i3 offerings will lack Turbo Boost, the feature that lets existing Nehalem CPUs push individual cores above the base clock speed depending on load. Only Core i5 and i7 processors can perform that feat right now, and it's apparently going to stay that way.

Intel is still keeping a tight lid on specs and pricing, of course. However, a good number of details have leaked out in recent weeks, thanks in no small part to overeager Canadian and European e-tailers.

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