Intel looks to have value SSDs up its sleeve

The M in X25-M might stand for "mainstream," but Intel's popular line of solid-state drives isn't quite known for affordable pricing—the 80GB drive alone retails for $300 right now. Luckily for bargain hunters, Fudzilla writes that Intel is cooking up a cheaper 80GB SSD, this time part of a value-oriented X25-V line.

Due next year, the 80GB X25-V will be based on a new, smaller process technology and "probably won't cost you arm and leg," Fudzilla says. Future X25-M drives will reportedly climb in capacity all the way to 600GB, but they'll be quicker and command a price premium.

We were puzzled to see Fudzilla refer to an existing, "recently introduced" X25-V drive, since Intel makes no mention of such a product on its SSD page. However, a look around the web shows a 40GB X25-V drive has indeed crept into some e-tail listings. identifies the product with a SSDSA2MP040G2R5 model number, saying it has a 2.5" form factor, MLC flash memory, TRIM support, and a Serial ATA interface. Another listing at onSale quotes a price tag of $123.99, although neither site actually has the drive in stock.

Since we've also seen early listings for future Clarkdale processors recently, perhaps and onSale simply jumped the gun, and Intel will publicly announce the 40GB X25-V soon. We'll keep you posted.

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