Corsair P-series solid-state drives get TRIM support

Samsung-based solid-state drives from Corsair now have support for Windows 7's TRIM capability. Corsair has released new firmware for its Performance Series P64, P128, and P256 SSDs, and users can download the updater tool right now via this post on the Corsair Support Forums.

Corsair writes that Samsung developed both the new VBM19C1Q firmware and the updater tool. The company also notes that the tools have been "rigorously qualified by both Samsung and Corsair using a large number of test platforms, in conjunction with a controlled end-user BETA test of the new firmware." Wait a minute... was that a stab at Intel? This statement from Corsair Marketing VP Jim Carlton certainly suggests so:

While other SSD manufacturers have rushed out bug-ridden firmware and update tools, sometimes with disastrous consequences for end-users, Corsair refused to jump on the bandwagon. We took the time to rigorously test and quality our tools, ensuring that our users will have the best experience possible.

Carlton must be referring to Intel's TRIM update, which Intel pulled shortly after release due to complaints about it bricking drives. A bug-free version of the updater came out about five weeks later on December 1.

Although Corsair claims to have done better, users' data still won't make it through the update. The notes in Corsair's Support Forums warn that the firmware updater "WILL ERASE the contents of the drive," so users must make a backup before running it. Users also have to run the update tool from a bootable USB drive and set their storage controllers to IDE compatibility mode.

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