ATI Stream SDK v2.0 reaches production status

AMD says it has an early Christmas present for developers: version 2.0 of the ATI Stream SDK, which has reached production status with support for the OpenCL 1.0 specification. This release comes just over two months after AMD first claimed full OpenCL compliance in the beta version of the toolkit.

Developers can look forward to the following goodies and improvements in the finalized Stream SDK v2.0:

  • New: Support for OpenCL™ ICD (Installable Client Driver).
  • New: Support for atomic functions for 32-bit integers.
  • New: Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008-integrated ATI Stream Profiler performance analysis tool.
  • Preview: Support for OpenCL™ / OpenGL® interoperability.
  • Preview: Support for OpenCL™ / Microsoft® DirectX® 10 interoperability.
  • Preview: Support for double-precision floating point basic arithmetic in OpenCL™ C kernels.
  • Updated OpenCL™ runtime to conditionally load ATI CAL runtime libraries to allow execution on compatible CPUs without ATI Catalyst™ installed.
  • Updated OpenCL™ runtime to allow simultaneous use of OpenCL™ and ATI CAL APIs in a single user application.
  • Updated cl.hpp from the Khronos OpenCL working group release.
  • Various OpenCL™ compiler and runtime fixes and enhancements (see developer release notes for more details).
  • The ATI Stream SDK v2.0 supports Radeon HD graphics cards from the 4350 through the 5970 along with some FirePro, FireStream, and Mobility products. AMD cites compatibility with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, openSUSE Linux 11, and Ubuntu Linux 9.04, all in 32-bit and 64-bit variants. Regardless of the operating system, users will need to grab the Catalyst 9.12 hotfix drivers AMD put up last week. All the necessary Stream SDK downloads and documentations can be grabbed from the official Stream SDK v2.0 page.

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