1. Las Vegas maglev train proposal out of running
  2. Rojak Pot reports that their BIOS guide has been plagiarized (thread here)
  3. Cutting the Edge's 10 questions with Quantum3D's Alvin Brown
  4. InQuest pits PCI-X vs. InfiniBand
  5. IntelZone on Intel's Q4 earnings
  6. Game Forces@2001 CES
  7. Glide Underground editorial: wrath of the game developers
  8. OCAddiction's NVIDIA GF2 MX reference card giveaway
  9. Hardware deals@Chick's Hardware

  1. SystemLogic's weekly CPU/memory watch returns
  2. Sharky Extreme's high-end business PC buyer's guide
  3. RoloTECH's Project PC165 - extreme FSB overclocking
  4. the Duke of URL reviews Asus CUV4X w/Linux testing
  5. Active Hardware reviews AOpen AK73 Pro
  6. MSI K7T Pro2-A BIOS version 2.2@Amdmb or MSI
  7. MSI K7T Pro2 BIOS version 2.2

  1. NVIDIA Linux 0.9-6 drivers
  2. BXBoards previews Radeon graphics core
  3. Target PC reviews ATi Radeon All-in-Wonder 32MB
  4. From Insane Hardware: Hercules to use Tt Blue Orb on their NV20
  5. G256 benches Win2k Detonator 6.62 in 3DMark2000 and Q3A
  6. NVIDIA reference driver comparison@Overclocker Cafe
  7. Bjorn's 3D reviews Elsa Gladiac video module (video in/video out)
  8. I am not a geek reviews NVIDIA GF2 MX 16MB
  9. Gamers Depot reviews Philips 107T21 17" monitor

  1. Digit Life reviews CL SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1
  2. SysReview reviews TRGpro Palm-based PDA
  3. HardwareCentral reviews Palm IIIc & Vx and Sony MVC-FD95 & CD1000
  4. The Tech Zone reviews Epson PhotoPC 3000Z digital camera
  5. Tech Extreme reviews CL CD-RW Blaster 12/10/32
  6. 3DRage reviews Plextor PlexWriter 12/10/32A (TR's review is here)
  7. Rizenet reviews 128MB Mushkin High Performance REV 3
  8. PlanetHardware reviews Coolercase Extreme-XS (431W PSU)
  9. Neoseeker reviews AOpen HQ08 full tower case
  10. Jsi Hardware reviews the Card Cooler XT
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