New NZXT case has dual 200-mm intake fans

Say what you will about Hades, it's surprisingly well ventilated—the new NZXT enclosure, that is, not the Greek underworld. NZXT's freshly announced Hades case comes with four fans: two 200-mm behemoths (one at the front and one on the side), one 120-mm at the back, and one 140-mm at the top, with room for a second top-mounted 140-mm fan.

NZXT chucks in a "dual fan 8W per channel controller" and three temperature displays on the front panel, so users can tweak the cooling to their liking—and perhaps keep the noise down; at their highest speed, the 200-mm spinners purportedly churn out 150 CFM. That should keep things fairly chilly inside.

The Hades includes nine drive bays, configurable in either an all-5.25" setup or with four 3.5" devices. An extra SSD bracket leaves room for up to two solid-state drives, as well. NZXT has also left plenty of room in the expansion area, where users should be able to fit AMD's new, foot-long Radeon HD 5970.

Other perks include cable routing holes in the motherboard tray, a gap for access to the back of the CPU socket, ports for liquid-cooling pipes, and mounting holes for "a dual radiator at the top." NZXT says the Hades is available now for $89.99. You can check out images in the gallery below.

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