OCZ brings TRIM support to Summit SSDs

After Intel and Corsair, here comes OCZ with a firmware update that endows its Summit solid-state drives with TRIM support. Users with 60GB, 120GB, and 250GB Summit SSDs can grab the firmware updater and installation guide from OCZ's download page.

According to OCZ, the 19C1 firmware "supports [the] TRIM command for Windows 7 users and idle garbage collection for Vista and XP users." TRIM, as you might already know, lets Windows clear flash pages instead of just marking them as available when users delete data. That technique improves write performance by helping skirt the dreaded block-rewrite penalty.

Flashing a Summit SSD's firmware will cause "complete data loss," the OCZ installation guide says, so a good backup should probably come first. Another warning: the updater "may not work well" with Nvidia or AMD chipsets. To use it, you'll need to create a bootable USB drive or floppy disk, set your motherboard's storage controller to IDE mode, boot into the utility, and follow the instructions.

Some of the caveats and requirements above sound a lot like those for the TRIM firmware Corsair released earlier this week. That's no coincidence—Corsair Performance Series and OCZ Summit Series SSDs are both based on Samsung storage controllers. Heck, if you look at screenshots in the OCZ installation guide, the firmware updater says "Samsung Electronics" at the top. Be sure to read our review of the OCZ Summit for more details.

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