Sue your ISP!

Having problems with your ISP? Why not sue them? That's what's happening to Verizon Internet Services according to this article over at The Register. A class action lawsuit has been launched against Verizon due to numerous problems users have been experiencing with their "high speed" connections.
The 'problems' referenced include protracted periods when access and download performance remains below that offered by a 56K modem; waiting months for promised service to commence; waiting up to three days for e-mail to arrive; buggy modem and PPPoE (point to point protocol over ethernet) software; and catatonic customer service representatives who, in the words of one plaintiff, "don't know a computer from a microwave oven," and who routinely urge customers to uninstall and reinstall their software in a superstitious hope that doing so might offer relief.
I had to suffer through a horrid "high speed" connection this summer and it wasn't pretty. I can understand the frustration Verizon users must be feeling, but I'm not wholly convinced a suit like this can really bring about change. You can check out the legal filing here.
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