Boxing Day / First Day of Kwanzaa Shortbread

Boxing Day / First Day of Kwanzaa

  1. Donanim Haber reports Intel cuts CPU prices, launches new models for LGA 775 (in Turkish)
  2. MacRumors: Apple 'iSlate' trademark and what is a 'Magic Slate?'
  3. AppleInsider: Possible Apple tablet multi-touch tactile keyboard detailed
  4. TG Daily reports Apple tablet rumors spark 3% share increase
  5. TUAW: Combination Mac mini, coffeemaker, and subwoofer stuck in an iMac
  6. Expreview reports Chartered begins next phase of equipment move-in at Fab 7
  7. Fudzilla: 2009 in graphics, ATI wins
  8. Nvidia: Fermi will be fastest, dual-GPU is possible, and we
    are happy with TSMC (Donanim Haber's video interview)
  9. Silicon Madness reports Nvidia Tesla C2050, C2070 cut down to 448 shaders
  10. MSI preps cheaper GeForce GT240
  11. Expreview reports MSI GTX 275 Lightning achieves new Nvidia GPU world record
  12. VR-Zone on the Asus BR-HD3 wireless HDMI kit
  13. Engadget reports Nook fails to communicate, download purchased ebooks
  14. C|Net reports FCC member berates Verizon for termination fees
  15. HardwareZone on the top 100 products of 2009
  16. Engadget HD podcast 168
Software and gaming

  1. The Motley Fool: Is Internet Explorer doomed?
  2. Download Squad has Firefox - 2009 year in review
  3. GameSpot's game of the year 2009
  4. DragonSteelMods: Top 10 PC games of the holidays for 2009
  5. TestFreaks on the best of 2009: PlayStation 3 games
  6. Steam holiday sale day four

  1. techPowerUp! reviews ASRock Ion 330HT-BD
  2. X-bit labs on choosing DDR3 SDRAM for LGA 1156 platform
  3. Silicon Madness's iGPU performance preview
  4. X-bit labs test Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750 in CrossFireX configurations
    and review Palit GT 240 Sonic and Gainward GT 240 GS
  5. TecCentral reviews Gigabyte GeForce GTX 260 OC (in German)
  6. Futurelooks reviews Western Digital WD TV Live HD media player
  7. ThinkComputers reviews 750W Thermaltake TR2 RX PSU
  8. X-bit labs review GlacialTech Igloo 5710 Plus Silent and F101 PWM coolers
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